Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Possible Conspiracy Alleged

By Peter Rodman

October 30, 2012--
An unprecedented 12-hour pause in their endless barrage of feigned outrage hit Fox News yesterday, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Unable to fashion any storm-related stories into anti-Obama hysteria, Fox finally threw in the towel and canceled Bill O'Reilly's show altogether Monday evening.
Taking over for O'Reilly was Shepard Smith, who did a credible job of reporting, albeit with a curiously obsessive focus on the Fire Island area.

The one brief blood-pressure boost for those suffering from “outrage withdrawal” came when Sean Hannity tried to shoe-horn Dick Morris into his 'storm coverage.'
While it was hard to determine the connection at first, apparently Van Jones and the Reverend Wright conspired with a very young Barack Obama back in Kenya during the 1950s to create this ‘Hurricane Sandy’ hoax, a mere week before the 2012 election.
“And you can be sure Hillary had something to do with it,” sniffed Morris, between sips of red wine.
Following Hannity’s broadcast, literally dozens of objective news people apparently escaped from darkened closets in the News Corp. building, which was itself immersed in a blackout, and suddenly took to the airwaves with objectivity and common sense--a tactic which could very well cost them their jobs later this week.
‘Shelters for the Angry,’ a charity supported by the Romney campaign, has offered to provide free telephoned falsehoods to any viewers unable to cope with the dearth of support for their daily anger fix from Fox News.

"This storm is further proof Obama lied
about Libya," said Hannity.
It was the first time anyone could recall a hurricane, a flood and a snowstorm pre-empting the 24/7 snowjob Fox has provided without interruption, since October of 1996.
Said Fox CEO Roger Ailes, “Not to worry…this in no way confirms an emotional 'climate change' of any kind. We’ll be back to full-time outrage by early evening Tuesday, I assure you. Nothing to see here, just move along…”

Preparations are already underway for a return to the normal
Fox News "Red Meat" diet for the perpetually angry,
just in time for Tuesday's primetime line-up. 

Copyright 2012 by Peter Rodman. All Rights Reserved.

Stay safe, Y'all!

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